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Heaven Quotes

To help make your life a happier place with a little help from my poetry

"Have you ever had a major life-changing experience?"

I have....

I was told that I had a terminal lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis or IPF for short and when I googled it I found out that life expectancy was 1 to 5 years.

I was devastated and I cried like a baby! I had beaten pancreatitis twice, I had battled breast cancer and won, now I had been told I had a terminal lung disease and there was nothing I could do about it.... That was in 2015.

Marilyn retired early, her husband retired early and as they could no longer afford to live on the small island of Jersey they had to find somewhere else to retire. They Googled where the cheapest place was to buy property - Neath! So they drew out their savings, bought a house and moved to the beautiful part of South Wales called Bridgend.

Mission Statement

I have always enjoyed poetry from an early age and discovered that I could write short poems that brought a smile to people’s faces.  Then the requests started rolling in for me to write poetry for them so that is  how it all started. Now I love the feeling it brings when I see a smile on a person’s face and know that I have helped to put it there.

Marilyn registered with a doctor and he sent her to the hospital where they started the usual rounds of tests. Then the most amazing thing happened....

They told Marilyn in their opinion that she did not have IPF.....

They believed the damage to her lungs was due to the radiotherapy she had received after having had breast cancer in 2007!

She had been miss-diagnosed! That was in 2017.

To say she was over the moon was an understatement!! She now had all this wonderful spare time to do whatever she wanted!

It was a suggestion from Steve, one of her brothers, that she make a family of teddy bears and write a children's book about them.

For years she had thought about having a go at writing children's books but had never found the time.

It didn't take long for Marilyn's imagination to take off and so the adventures of her cute little teddy bears started taking shape.

She crocheted a teddy bear, yes a teddy bear, then another, until she had 12 teddy bears and she called them the Jolly Jangles. She then wrote a children's picture book all about them and in rhyme too! Marilyn self-published it on Amazon in April!


All illustrations in the Jolly Jangles book are designed by Marilyn using the wonderful photographs that Michael took of the teddy bears along with the background pictures that she took. She has written all of the poetry in the book too. She has an amazing daughter called Chloe who has helped her with all of the marketing of these wonderful Jolly Jangles. It is truly a family affair

Marilyn enjoys making greetings cards and gets involved in many other craft projects. Her enthusiasm is endless and you can find examples of her work online - mc-creations.co.uk - oh and she designs websites too!

Follow Marilyn's journey as the stories of her Jolly Jangles unfold, watch them grow with your child, enjoy each character and make them part of your own family.