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Heaven Quotes

Bereavement  Poems

When we first lose someone we love through death there are so many emotions that we go through. Loss, hurt, anger, confusion, frustration, to name but a few.  We feel numb, unable to communicate to people, others struggle to know how best to handle contact with us and tend to shy away to avoid this, when really all we need is a big cuddle and to know that there is support there when we come out of the other side of this mass of emotions.

I write poems to help people through this and I share them with family members and friends.  The feedback I have received is amazing and so I have put in a collection for you to read.  I hope these can help you and those close to you to get through the traumatic time that death brings to all those it touches.

Heaven Quotes Bereavement Poems

Just One More Look

I wrote this poem for my Mum as I missed her so much and still do, I think I will always miss her especially at the important times in my life when all you need is a cuppa, a listening ear and a hug from your Mum.  

Heaven Quotes Bereavement Poems Heaven Quotes Bereavement Poems Heaven Quotes Bereavement Poems

Do Not Grieve Me

The words to this poem came into my head as if by magic not long after we had buried our Mum.  I feel as though she was trying to tell us something so I decided to share the words in the hope that they might also be of comfort to others who are still grieving.

I Can See You Can You See Me?

This poem was written for a 14 year old boy who had lost his Dad. I was very close to his Dad and we talked often about his death as he knew he didn’t have long left. To this day I am convinced that the words came from him as a message to his son.  This poem has also helped many people in their grief.

Our Bright Little Star

The little star in question is my niece Melissa who was killed in an accident at the age of 17 months.  I wrote this poem to help my sister and her family who still grieve for their loss and it has been over 20 years.  They say that time heals the pain but it never really goes away, it just numbs it a little…...

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