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Heaven Quotes

Angel Poetry

This poetry reminds us that we have Angels who walk with us every day even though we have a tendency to forget that they exist…..

Friendship Poetry

What would life be like without our friends around us?  Sometimes we forget to let them know how much we appreciate them….

Inspirational Poetry

Everyone needs uplifting at some point in their lives and this little book of poetry will help to do just do that…..

Bereavement Poetry

 Bereavement touches all people’s lives and this book of poems will help to say the words for you that you cannot…..

Depression Poetry

It can be extremely difficult to help those who suffer from depression.  These poems will help lift the spirits of those who are temporarily in a bad place….

Humorous Poetry

We have already started to compile our little book of poems that will make you laugh so keep an eye out for our launch date!

Children’s Poetry

In these days of technology, with computer games and IPADS, it is nice to get back to the basics and these poems will delight our younger customers.  You will see that there is also a page for colouring that will add that bit of extra fun to their experience.

Heaven Quotes - Humorous Poetry - click here to read some of our funny poems Heaven Quotes - Angel Poetry - click here to read some of our Angel poems Heaven Quotes - Friendship Poetry - click here to read some of our Friendship poems Heaven Quotes - Childrens Poetry - click here to read a selection of children's poems Heaven Quotes - Inspirational Poetry - click here to read some of our Inspirational poems Heaven Quotes - Bereavement Poetry - click here to read some of our Bereavement poems Heaven Quotes - The Meaning of Depression Poetry Book - click here to read some of our poems written to help people to understand the meaning of depression

Welcome to our poetry books page.  The poems are written by myself Marilyn and the photographs have been taken by myself and my husband Michael, both of us have jointly hand made each book.  The finished size is 4” x 6” with the exception of the children's book which is 5” x 7”.  Each poetry book contains fifteen poems and fifteen images although only four of each appear on this web page.  If you would like to read more please Contact Us.

All About Christmas

Most people love Christmas and we can remember so many things from our past.  This poetry book just brings a few of those fond memories to mind….

Heaven Quotes - a Poetry Book all about Christmas - a little trip down memory lane Heaven Quotes - A collection of poems describing Senior Moments - we all of us will eventually recognise that these exist and some of us are already there and can relate to these poems.

Senior Moments

As we get older we seem to do the most silly things that make sense at the time, we also forget things that can leave you feeling very frustrated.  We hope these poems make you smile….

Heaven Quotes - A poetry book all about Cats - click here to read some of our poems written for cat lovers everywhere.

All About Cats

There are many cat lovers in the world and this little book is just for you.  No doubt a few of you will be able to relate to the stories inside of these little poems.

Poetry Books